An Unwavering Belief in Invention

We design, make and install cultural exhibitions, information graphics and bespoke pieces for projects in prime national and international locations.

At the core of our business are large scale outdoor exhibitions of work by some of the world’s leading photographers and artists. We also build and install a broad range of information graphics. Our clients include cultural centres, charities, and design, advertising and photographic agencies.

We work with elegance, intelligence and confidence, exploring how projects will flourish in their locations and how the public will interact with what’s on show. Our expertise, teamwork, experience and dependability are central to our success. These, and an unwavering belief in invention and possibilities.

Clients & Collaborators

We deliver many messages, for a very wide range of people and projects and, broadly, they break down into three areas:

Photographers, Photographic Agencies, Artists

We work with some of the world’s foremost photographers, including Rankin and Tom Stoddart. We also work with Getty Images and Reuters, two of the largest photographic agencies in the world. Photographic exhibitions are, obviously, all about the pictures – the images need to be printed perfectly, mounted precisely and beautifully lit.

Cultural Centres, Charities, Governments, NGOs

Cultural centres, such as More London and the South Bank, experience an extraordinarily high footfall every day. Their exhibitions need to be instantly arresting and distracting. Charities and NGOs always have a story to tell, a cause to engage with. Many are dealing with major humanitarian issues and often need to deliver a lot of information in an effective and accessible way.

  • Action Aid
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Brighton & Hove City Council
  • City of London
  • Disasters Emergency Committee
  • Financial Times 
  • GLA
  • ICRC
  • Index on Censorship
  • Kew Gardens
  • MAG International 
  • Mencap
  • More London
  • Oxfam
  • RIBA
  • RNLI
  • Royal Academy of Arts
  • Southwark Council 
  • The British Council
  • The Climate Group 
  • The Forgiveness Project
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The National Theatre
  • The South Bank Centre
  • United Nations
  • ZSL (London Zoo)

Design, Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Predominantly information graphics and furniture, these agencies require a breadth of material, from whole environments to show-stopping graphic applications. Property developers, such as the Crown Estate and Land Securities, work in high profile areas and their hoardings need to stand out in these busy locations.


Standard 8 are a highly professional creative outfit. After one meeting they understood what we wanted to achieve and took responsibility for devising a concept that fully realised our objectives. Their work was underpinned by excellent communication, speed, humour and attention to detail.
Brendan Gormley/CEO/DEC
In the production of 'After The Wave', Standard 8's approach to delivering a complex message to a mass audience was fresh, revolutionary and above all
effective, combining powerful design, intuitive understanding of visual communication and faultless project management.
Susan Nisbet/Story Resources Team Leader/Oxfam
I would like to thank Standard 8 for producing the absolutely fantastic GP100 exhibition at this year's Festival of Speed. The exhibition went really well and I know Renault, our principle sponsor, were very pleased. My thanks to your team for their help in making the Festival of Speed such a success.
Lord March
Standard 8 curated, designed and produced my retrospective exhibition with great passion, skill and insight, iWitness would not have been such a remarkable success were it not for their commitment, positive approach and attention to detail.
Tom Stoddart/Photographer
Standard 8's experience of working with photography, their reputation for inventive design and excellent project management skills make them an obvious choice for Magnum Photos.
Sophie Wright/Head of Exhibitions/Magnum Photos
Standard 8 take a holistic approach to exhibition design which balances photography with the surrounding environment and architecture. Visitors to the Reuters exhibition at London's National Theatre enjoyed navigating their way through the maze to discover the stories of the new century.
Jassim Ahmad/Head of visual projects/Reuters
Standard 8 built all the structural items as well as creating huge graphics and an illuminated map model
of London. They worked to tight timescales and were proactive - plus being great to work with.
Elise Wildman/DN&Co
I've worked with Standard 8 for several years. Our projects have been complex, public facing and deadline driven. Standard 8 have never let me or my clients
down. No matter what curve ball I throw, they remain unflappable and full of solutions that ensure my projects stay on target and on budget.
Anthony Holland-Parkin/Art Director/Getty Images

Live Exhibitions/Info.Graphics


If you would like to see the locations of our current projects, the map below shows where they all are.

Interact with the markers for more information on individual projects, including the address, should you wish to visit.